The Public Choice Award will be awarded based on the total number of votes received on-site by the visiting attendees and other participants.
Each vote is personal, heartfelt, and based on conviction.

– Voting starts at 09:00 on Oct 22 and ends at 16:30 on Oct 23.
– The winner will be announced at the SIGEF Awards session scheduled on Oct 23 from 17:00 – 18:00
– Volunteers who will be available throughout the venue, primarily focused on floor -1 so visitors can vote directly, will facilitate the voting process.
– Each voter will be allowed to vote only once.
– A confirmation e-mail will be sent to each voter to confirm their vote has been registered and thereafter to communicate the winner.
* Members of the Organizer’s Award Committee are excluded from voting for the Public Choice


The Organizer’s Award Committee will view and better acquaint themselves with the projects during the day of Wednesday, Oct 22, in addition to attending the presentation session on Wednesday, Oct 22 afternoon.

They will review the participating projects’ online Horyou profile page to evaluate the online support gathered around the project (via lights, posts, updates, visuals, etc.)

Each final score will be comprised of
80%: points scored by the Organizer’s Award Committee
20%: points assigned based on the number lights the project has received online.

The winner will be announced at the SIGEF Awards session scheduled on Oct 23 from 17:00 – 18:00

Guidelines for Presentation Session
The presentation session will be held
Date: Wednesday, October 23rd
Time: 14:00 – 15:30
Room: 13
Venue: CICG

Each project bearer will have 5 mins to speak about his/her project. The format may be any, with or without audiovisual aids. The presentation should address the following points:
1. How is the project socially innovative, are there other projects similar out there, is it missing in a particular geographical region or globally?
2. Does the project have the potential to be extrapolated in any country worldwide? If there are any limitations, what are they?
3. What are the concrete positive impacts/effects of the project?

Download the Voting Process document

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